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Arturo Miguel Peralta.

I was born in Oaxaca, Juárez Oaxaca, Mexico. It is a very beautiful city with a great deal of culture. I lived there until I was 14 years old when my family decided to relocate to the city of Ensenada, B.C. That was almost 14 years ago.

I had a very enjoyable childhood and learned to appreciate the fine arts (music, film, painting, theatre, etc) at an early age. Although my visit to an art museum at the age of six was rather brief, it sparked in me a great desire to become more involved with the arts as I grew older and to dedicate a good amount of time in that area.

As I grew, I discovered that I had a talent for drawing. However, because of other involvements, it felt like I was never able to devote as much time to its development as I would have liked.

In the same way that I enjoy drawing, I’ve always had a great passion for playing soccer. When I was still in elementary school that “love for the game” inspired me to put together a team consisting of neighborhood friends and others from my school. Our little group practiced constantly.

By the time I reached middle school, my interest in different activities was still expanding. Then, during my high school years, having already moved to B.C., I began designing covers and doing other layout work for my high school’s biweekly publication. In that role I was also given the opportunity to create my own comic strip that appeared regularly.

Upon entering the university, I decided to choose a career path that would allow me to develop and use my skills in graphic design. For that reason, I majored in Information Systems specializing in Administration and Design. During my university years, I also worked for a radio station where, on occasion, I was able to assist the staff with their design questions and problems. In the year 2002, after enjoying a very positive working environment and gaining a great deal of job experience, I decided it was time to move on to other things.

I love to travel and meet people of other cultures. Combining that with my love for soccer, I had the amazing opportunity of visiting both Japan and Korea later in 2002 and seeing the World Cup that was being held in those countries. It was an unforgetable time event.

Well, that has basically been my life so far, but I’m sure that many more enriching experiences lie ahead. I’m still single but hope to someday meet that special someone. Although accomplishing all of my dreams may seem impossible, I just remember that that which I’ve already achieved has come out of nothing more than a simple thought and a little ambition.

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At 10:55 a. m., Anonymous Anónimo said...

You've had quite the life. You're obviously an amazing person. I wish I were like you.

At 1:47 p. m., Anonymous Cloeh said...

Esta muy bien pero ponlo en español.

At 8:22 p. m., Anonymous Ivan said...

bilingue el chamaco jaja saludos pinche Arturo desde la ciudad mas clara del planeta.

At 12:39 a. m., Blogger Ceci said...

Buena introducción a tu blog, un panorama amplio pero sencillo de quien eres escrito por ti mismo...

Creo que debi haber hecho algo así, aunque no lo se, tal vez sea parte de no conocer a la persona el enlazar cada uno de los escritos y formularse ideas propias.


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